Our Brands, Our Mission

As detailed on our Products page, our brands are focused around matching you to the product you need, quickly, easily and logically. With products you trust and a company you can count on, Volk Protective Products has you covered. That is our mission, and our brands reflect that commitment.

Our brand names reflect our mission to protect employees and the public from potentially harmful substances and pathogens with the best product available. We work with you to offer products that encourage best practices in usage and compliance, decreasing liability and exposure to risk.

Dispense Safe™
Dispense Safe highlights our free or low-cost glove and apron dispensers.

Clean Hand®
Our Clean Hand section offers a variety of single-use, disposable gloves that have dozens of personal and professional uses.

Health Hand™

Our Health Hand selection focuses on providing safety and comfort to those working in and around the health care industry, with medical-grade exam gloves in latex, vinyl and nitrile, powdered or powder-free.

Work Clean™
Volk’s Work Clean products offer comprehensive protection of both the work environment and the worker. Items in this category include disposable aprons, bouffant caps, hairnets, shoe covers and beard covers.

Work Safe™
Our Work Safe products are used for a variety of heavy-duty applications. This category also encompasses our Personal Protective Products, including eye protection, hearing protectors and facemasks.