Choosing The Right Glove

Gloves are selected based on performance characteristics relative to the work being performed. OSHA hand protection standards require a worker to assess workplaces to determine if hazards are present which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), whether they are only protecting themselves, or also the public.

Selecting the Right Glove:

  • Types of materials or chemicals being handled
  • The nature and duration of expected contact
  • Area of the body in need of protection (only hand? Or wrists and arms as well?)
  • Grip requirements, and necessary dexterity while performing on the job
  • Thermal protection
  • Size and comfort level to ensure proper fit and increase wearer’s compliance
  • Abrasion/resistance requirements
Selecting the right glove for the potential exposure is the key factor in protective work gloves. We have provided a Chemical Resistance Chart to help determine how to select gloves based on the chemicals or other hazardous materials you may potentially come into contact with while working.