AQL (Acceptable Quality Level)

Products manufactured for Volk Protective Products are tested in accordance with FDA requirements. Additionally, we employ a third-party testing agency for annual verification of various glove attributes from all of our manufacturing plants, and test for a variety of international standards. We audit all overseas facilities, products, storage and transit entities.

Our testing and certification standards include:
  • Testing for biocompatibility
  • Adherence to powdered and powder-free glove standards
  • Tensile strength testing
  • Ensuring that products free of DEHP/DOP (phthalates) are available
  • Ensuring that products free of TXIB (plasticizer) are available
  • Ensuring that products that will come into contact with food meet required regulations
The statistical measure of quality for gloves is the Acceptable Quality Level or AQL standard rating, which is the level of failure for sample products tested. Lower numerical levels can mean higher quality assurance.

Testing data is available upon request.