Types And Grades Of Gloves

There is no single glove that provides protection from all types of hand injuries. Many hand-related occupational accidents involve four main hazards: chemicals, abrasions, cuts and heat.

There are four general categories of gloves:

1. Work gloves (leather, metal, canvas
2. Fabric and coated gloves (cotton/other fabric, cotton-coated with plastic)
3. Chemical-resistant/liquid-resistant gloves (butyl rubber, natural latex, neoprene, nitrile rubber)
4. Insulating rubber (for electrical protective work)While Volk Protective Products focuses on disposable gloves for the foodservice industry, our brands cover many types and varieties of gloves. We have provided an overview below of the types of gloves we offer, and typical uses for each type.

Disposable Gloves. These gloves are Volk Protective Products’ most popular offerings. Primarily designed for those in the foodservice industry, these lightweight plastic gloves can protect against minor irritants. Disposable foodservice gloves are designed for short-term use, and comply with provisions set forth in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as to repeated contact with food and public safety. Our Clean Hand and Health Hand gloves serve this category. More information on foodservice and glove safety can be found on our website under HACCP & Foodservice.

Chemical-Resistant Gloves. These gloves are also popular with Volk Protective Products’ customers. Made of rubber, neoprene, polyvinyl or vinyl, these gloves can protect against corrosive materials, oils and dangerous solvents. Consult the Chemical Resistance Chart to select the proper glove for the job, and always follow manufacturer or other expert recommendations with regard to chemical-resistant gloves. Our Work Safe Liquid & Chemical-Resistant gloves are in this category.

Fabric Gloves. These types of gloves are most often used to improve grip or to insulate hands from temperature fluctuations. Our General Purpose gloves fit this category.

Leather Gloves. Leather gloves are often used, along with an insulated liner, in electrical work. They also protect against sparks or scrapes. We offer these in our General Purpose glove line. Metal Mesh Gloves. Those who work in occupations in which they handle cutting tools or sharp instruments, or come into contact regularly with other sharp objects will often use metal mesh gloves to protect from cuts and abrasions. Our Work Safe cut-resistant gloves fall into this category.